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Full Service Records Management VS
Mini-Storage or a Moving Company



Full Service Records
Management VS
Mini-Storage or a
Moving Company

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Advantages of Business Records: Full Service Records Management

  • Immediate emergency access is available
  • Allows clients to control access to their confidential information
  • Generates a specific inventory of records
  • Creates increased security with off-site storage
  • Eliminates use of wasted office space
  • Provides a worry free service to allow employees to focus on their core business and daily responsibilities
  • Eliminates the risk of employees being injured lifting boxes
  • Gives client specific control over records through authorized access
  • Always have access to original documentation
  • Organized retrieval of files and storage containers
  • Guaranteed prompt service for pick-ups and retrievals
  • Significant cost savings for off-site storage vs mini or self storage and moving companies
  • Fire and security protection inside the Record Center
  • A positive climate environment for your records

Disadvantages of Mini-Storage/Self-Storage Centers and Moving Companies

  • Lack professional full-service security monitoring
  • No smoke detectors or fire sprinklers
  • More costly for company to retrieve records
  • Risk of hurting employees when asking them to lift boxes or sift through records
  • Takes employees away from their core responsibilities to locate hard copy
  • Mileage costs reimbursement for employees when traveling
  • No knowledge of what is stored next to you (i.e. flammable or explosive material)
  • No disaster relief plan
  • Hazardous conditions for your records
  • Increased risk of potential harm for employees alone at the Mini-Storage unit
  • Lack of room and space to systematically organize your records
  • Extreme temperature and dust conditions, along with insect infestations
  • Risk of moisture seeping into records and causing damage
  • Technical challenges getting into unit
  • Difficulty finding records, and sometimes being unable to locate them at all
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